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'a serving community; aspiring to follow Jesus; for the good of the world'

The Parish of Harrow Weald was created in 1845 and building of All Saints' Church was started in 1846. The church was the work of the prolific Victorian architect William Butterfield famous for the controversial Keble College, Oxford and many other works. Following its dedication on All Saints' Day 1849, further work was carried out and extensions completed in 1890.
The earliest stained glass windows were by C.E.Kempe. A later window is from the William Morris Company and the local Whitefriars Glass Company made a new window, a modern St George slaying the dragon, in 1962.

The Lychgate was erected in 1866 in memory of Edward Monro, the first vicar of All Saints'.

The organ is a two manual instrument built by Rushworth & Draper.

A long path separates the church from the road at the wishes of the landowner benefactors, including Thomas Blackwell of Crosse and Blackwell fame (both are buried in the graveyard), to preserve a country feel to the church.

Strangely, perhaps, Blackwell and his descendants, who also contributed greatly, have no memorials in the church apart from entries for three of the family on the War Memorial list on the south side of the church. However, the well appointed and greatly used Blackwell Hall church function rooms building carries their name. This was opened in 1985 replacing an earlier church hall donated by Mr and Mrs S.J.Blackwell in memory of their two sons killed in the 1914-1918 war.

W.S.Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan operetta fame, another local celebrity with involvement with All Saints', has an ornate wall relief memorial on the south wall in the church.

Another point of historical interest is the grave, in the churchyard extension on the other side of Uxbridge Road, of William Leefe Robinson V.C., the First World War airman credited with shooting down the Cuffley Zeppelin in September 1916. His name also appears on the War Memorial.

Our Past Vicars

Edward Munro 1842 - 1860
Robert Joseph Knight 1861 - 1879
William Henry Peers 1879 - 1912
Walter Hinde Brind 1913 - 1916
Harold Van Cooten 1916 - 1919
George William Ure 1919 - 1923
Charles Samuel Durham 1924 - 1954
Roy Dennis Deasy 1955 - 1962
Charles Derek Bond 1962 - 1971
Richard Hanson 1972 - 1977
Ian Keith Chisholm 1977 - 1988
Francis David Jakeman 1988 - 2003
Terence Handley MacMath 2005 - 2006

James Mercer 2008 - 2018 

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