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Bereavement Team

"Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak 
Whispers the o'verfraught heart, and bids it break"

Members of the All Saints’ bereavement care team are available to visit folk who are bereaved and live within the parish. The team operates as part of the Charity 'Harrow Bereavement Care'. All members are trained and receive regular support and supervision. 

Death of a loved one is known to be the most traumatic event in the life of a person. Giving grief words and sharing, in confidence, with someone outside the family is often found to help the bereaved person come to terms with his or her loss. No one can fully understand another's suffering, for we are all different, but we can listen and stand alongside as a bereaved person make his or her difficult journey through the pain of grief. 

As well as visiting, we offer a Remembrance and Thanksgiving service in All Saints’ Church every year on the third Sunday in October at 4pm. We also have a Memorial Book in which the names of loved ones may be recorded. There is a page for each day of the year. The name of a friend or family member may be entered in the book on the anniversary of their death. The pages are turned daily to display the current date. If you would like the name of a family member or friend to be entered in the book, please print and complete the Memorial Book form and return it to Sue at the Parish Office. You will soon be able to submit online. (NB This online service is not yet in operation). A fee of £10.00 is charged for each entry. The funds collected contribute to the maintenance of the All Saints’ churchyard.

If you would like to be put in touch with the Bereavement Team, please contact Jennifer Stapleton or Philippa Jackson.

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