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“Growth in the grace of giving”

Registered Charity Number 1173619

Why should I pledge to give?

The Bible teaches that everything we have belongs to God and is given to us by Him, in trust, for His good purposes (1 Chronicles 29 v14b). Giving to support the work of the church, in sharing God’s love and justice in the world, demonstrates our recognition of this.


Going for Growth

Every single penny received by All Saints’ is invested in enabling the Church’s Mission*. As a church we are budgeting to fund growth, not just to ‘break-even’.
As Christians we aspire to more as we seek to discernand realise God’s unique plans for All Saints’ and the community we are called to serve and bless.


How Much Should I Give?

What proportion of your own or your joint income you give to God, through All Saints’, is a decision you alone can make. Your giving is a private commitment between you and God.

As a guide, the Bible establishes the concept of a ‘Tithe’ whereby 10% of income (or the annual Harvest in Biblical Times) is given to God.

*100% of All Saints’ money goes towards the development and extension of its activities; whether it’s paying staff, maintaining the effective use of its buildings, training orsupporting the church’s work in the Diocese and beyond.(Contrary to popular belief the Church of England receives no financial support from the government). 

Giving in proportion to our income is a liberating experience. It is also a counter-cultural Kingdom value! It allows us to joinequally and continually in God’s economy – whatever our means.

It is important to pledge realistically. Weigh up what you can afford, but consider how much it really costs for God’s Kingdom agenda to be worked out within our parish. After all, £12 a month is only the price of a pint of beer, three bars of chocolate, or large latte each week. Current giving to All Saints’ ranges between £5 and £600 per month.

How do I Give?

There are two simple ways to answer God’s call for regular, planned giving at All Saints’:

Bank Standing Order – this enables you to give a planned amount each month on the date of your choice. It is by far the most efficient and popular method of regular giving and is easy to start – just complete the form overleaf or log onto your on-line banking service.

Weekly Envelopes – alternatively we can supply a year’s supply of weekly envelopes, in which you place your gift and then bring with you to church Sunday by Sunday.

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